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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why City Societies Fail

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How often do you interact with wild animals? Wild forests? City life is about people. People all the time. Daily. Everywhere. No forests. No wild animals; excluding some few city-comfortable birds, and the small hardy bugs.

Delphi, Greece in ruins.
Click the photo to learn more about it.

A society centered around humans, ignoring other life, leads itself to detachment from nature, and soon-after collapse. Self-destruction. City-states thousands of years back had suffered from this same mistake, when they over-populated, relying on a local river. When that river dried up, the people had to disperse, trying to survive the chaos.

If not a natural disaster, then a collision of cities. Overpopulated societies become uncaring for the smaller part of their members, as people are in abundance, and become an easy sacrifice for further growth. Massacres ensue.

However, this does not mean that societies must be small and distant. A city is a lump of people under single rule. In contrast, a collection of independent towns can hold as many people, in a similar area of land, yet function entirely differently!

Societies can be endlessly vast, active, and benefiting. All that, without sacrificing nature. A town lush with trees. Streets that allow wild animals to roam. A daily life that does not lock people inside concrete boxes, or demand that they sit in tin boxes - driving for hours.

Next time you ponder about society or civilization, drop that city image off your mind. Instead, imagine a wild lush nature, with life-loving people, and an array of technology that only reinforces this.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Victims of the Internet

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You know who you are
Lingering in corners
Tweeting in the shower
In your head

4Chan makes you suffer
Facebook turns you on
You are the victims of the net
That grabs us all

Click the pic to see me read the poem!~

A bagful of a pill
Depression is your ill
Lusting for the click
That makes the trick

And you tick...
Victims of the net
Absurd what you forget
Your life is turning bleak

Will you have... no regret?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An Attachable Webcam Lens

It is not a widely known trick that all cameras, that means webcams and cell-phone cameras as well, can change their attributes with an extra lens. Yes! Just like a normal photography camera.

I am now very much enjoying a cheap & effective, and easy to setup, 0.67X wide-angle lens on my Logitech C310 webcam. It lets me locate the webcam close-up, yet show a nice wide view of my self and my surroundings. It uses a sticky circle part, which holds the lens itself with magnetic force. Perfect.

Click the image to see the item on eBay.

Very nice. Very recommended.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Saw a Flower

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She wilted soon
But she had petals
Purple bloom

By my window
In the sun
Though she was shy
And often gone

Dedicated to Evi.

I tried to call her
To see her smile
She did not answer
For a while

I went away
To find another
She wilted soon
And I was gone.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Take Two - How It Feels Like With Cams And Pickup

Decided to do it again, live, online, with friends in my Tinychat room: ~ The Shoppe ~. :-) Much more entertaining, now!

I'll add some funny picture for the thumbnail...

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