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Friday, January 23, 2015

What Is Love?

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Love is when you're good
To yourself
To a friend
To your girl or guy
To the stranger who's alive
Or the stranger that'll die

It's a gesture, a hint
A word or a smile
It's something that you give
And you give it for a while
Because you really want to
And not because you're told
Love is when you're good
Even when it's old

A kid thinks love
Is nothing but a sham
A sexy misdirection
To get out of a jam
But loving isn't one thing
Not sex, cash, nor a pic
Love is when you're doing
Not always knowing what it means

And if you've ever wondered
Am I really loving this?
Then you must be smarter
To know something's amiss
In life it ain't just one thing
It's a myriad of thing
Love is when you're good
And being good is everything.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cracking Tinychat

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For about a year now, I have been enjoying the online service called Tinychat. It is a place where random people can create virtual rooms, and chat on camera, with a microphone, and by text.

Looks a bit different...

Their service is provided through a Flash client that handles all the technicalities. Naturally, people became curious, wanting to hack into the service, for fun. It becomes a sort of game, where one hacker would annoy another person's room, by figuring out which data packets do what, and replicating or changing them; spamming the other room with messages.

Other than spamming for fun and challenge, users figured out they could create bots. Bots are applications that mimic an actual user, but usually only to the extent that they obey another. So, if only moderators could play videos in the room, now a user with access to the bot can also play videos.

This sort of delegation lets rooms become more friendly and interactive, by reducing the workload of the moderators. The bot itself works by using RTMP and AMF libraries; the former to make the streaming connection, and the latter to encode & decode the data packets.

I have had the pleasure of working with existing PHP and Python bots, and editing them for increased functionality. I used Wireshark, filtered for the room's IP address, and sniffed out the command packets. It felt like the internet should be; a wild place, full of opportunities and troubles, inhabited by curious lively individuals.

I wanted to share all of this, in summary, with you. I have just had a good couple of weeks, coding and cracking code, enjoying the results with my friends there. I will leave you with a reference list, for those who are curious about the details. ;-)

Use the Find option, to locate commands or names. Here's a few examples of filters:
ip.addr ==
ip.dst ==
!(ip.dst == && frame.cap_len < 200 && !(frame.cap_len == 54)

An older semi-functional bot in Python, that I found while googling around. It's quite a big hint.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Defending The Victims of The State

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I was recently asked, whether it is justified to attack those who enact the State, in order to defend its victims. The enactors being the officials who make the decisions, and the grunts who attack the population.

After all, if the State was destroyed, then what of the handicapped? And who decides what is the crime & punishment of each Statist? Also, would they be imprisoned, or even executed?

By James Harberson. Find more over at:

I gave the following response:

Are you insinuating that every child & handicapped person is my responsibility? Because I would disagree. Charitable people help people in need... and if nobody cares, then that's just how people feel, and forcing them otherwise is enslavement.
Take an analogy, to better relate to these questions. If you saw someone attempting rape on a young girl, you would be morally correct in helping her defend herself. Even if you aren't the one being attacked, it is legitimate to help another in need, with their agreement. Let's assume the girl is shouting for help, to simplify things.
So, if a group of fascists (the State) are attacking people, then with the agreement of the victims, we have legitimacy in defending them, by attacking their aggressors (the State). And in the case of defending people, there is no obligation to do equal or less harm to the perpetrator! 
Whether any act of defense is socially-acceptable, or judged as unsuitable, depends on the locals, entirely.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Reviewing Murray Rothbard's FOR A NEW LIBERTY

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The book was a disappointing read. He devalued the argument from morality, calling the NAP "recognized rights", which literally means nothing.

Click above to read more about Frederic Bastiat.

He also used an array of, "Look at how well they are doing," examples. Meaningless finger-pointing, without an actual argument, and sometimes even at horrid cultures - such as the Mormons. ><

And hours of talk about the failures of the State isn't an argument, either!

It is useful to understand the evils of the State, in order to fend it off. Yes. But an entire book entailing each horror and act of ignorance, does not disqualify Statism; there is no measurement of a system being insufficient. We can only measure whether a system is logically consistent, and whether it actually represents its users - the people.

Sadly, seeing the ignorance & violence in society today, I am hard pressed to claim that contemporary Statist society does not, in actuality, represent the people. A victim is only a victim, until they start willingly cooperate with & support their violator. Then, they the victims become violators, too.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Is Virtual Not Real?

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Virtual reality, maybe an ironically coined term, is meaningful to me. However, is it not akin to a dream, detached from reality; nothing but quickly fading imagery.

Anime is both virtual and awesome!

Dreams are an interesting lot. They do not affect me physically, directly, but they do affect me emotionally. Also, they reflect my own thoughts back at me, which can make me change my mind, and so my choices in real life.

The virtual world, also known as the internet, is like a phone call. It is real people, in a real conversation, only physically removed. Even though we now also enjoy face-to-face video chat.

And phone calls matter! We take very seriously conversations, even if they are not done in proximity. A letter can change the world. It had, many times before, when country leaders, warlords, scientists, and businessmen made choices according to remote conversations.

So, I am thinking that even if it is virtual, and even if it lacks touch... who cares. Not every activity has to include all of our senses, to be meaningful. Plenty of physical activities, from frisbee to sex, can be without speech, yet be as meaningful as a good conversation.

It only takes an acceptable level of interaction, to be satisfying. And I say, each to their own needs.

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