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Monday, August 18, 2014

Hack Your Headset

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I recently got a cheap headset, for use while chatting with friends online. It has Bluetooth, so it is a bit more comfortable than handling wired headphones; or earphones in my case.

Annoyingly, the phones are a bit small, putting pressure on my ears. This causes pain, after a while of use. I Googled, and saw that some people replaced their pads - also known as cushions - with those from a muffler. That is a cool idea! But, I did not feel like wasting more money on this...

It's really, really simple.

So, I just hacked it, myself. As you can see in the photo above, I simply removed the cushions, took the foam out, cut it - to allow more space for the ears, and returned it all back in place.

I cut the inside stitching to remove the foam, and left it open, and used my Leatherman's flat-head screwdriver, to assist with joining the fake-leather cover on the plastic base, again. :-)

Admittingly, the phones are still not very comfortable. This is only a small fix. A patch of sorts. However, until I get a better & more expensive headset, this definitely helps!

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Troll Identification Guide

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Have you ever found yourself getting upset at someone online?

Let us begin by defining what a troll is, and what a troll is not!

An internet troll is a person, who finds great pleasure in upsetting other people online, and does so intentionally.

However, unlike an ignorant person, who resorts to abusive behavior when somebody "makes them" upset, an internet troll has no emotional context to the conversation, and only trolls out of pure entertainment.

Internet Fact #1: Nobody cares.

So, you might ask, what is the actual difference?

A troll is not upset. An asshole is upset.

The troll is having fun, at someone's expense, and so at no point in the conversation will they hold a grudge towards you, or anybody else.

Reversely, a douchebag is abusing people exactly because they are upset, and want to make everybody else just as miserable. The douchebag will hold a grudge, usually, even long after the conversation.

Are all trolls evil then?

Human societies are composed of many different individuals, and supposedly, each and every one has a natural function that helps balance the group.

Internet Fact #2: Comments are easy.

Surprisingly, when asked, many trolls will admit to trolling. They might say, "I am just trolling lol", and expect other people to realize that they had played a sort of clownish devil's advocate role.

Comedy is one of those grey social areas. A phrase can be funny today, and utterly offensive tomorrow. One joker can be fun & friendly, while another can be abusive & bullying.

Wait a second... Then how can I tell whether a troll is a good guy or a bad guy?

You see, trolling is an artform. Trolling is not a sadist hobby, unless that troll is also a sadist. Many trolls are definitely not sadists, even if they do sometimes cross the line of inconsideration.

Internet Fact #3: Everything online is true.

The answer is simple, really. A good guy will be honest about trolling, even as soon as they begin trolling. Otherwise, you can just ask them, and clarify their intentions; whether they are being serious, or just having hazardous fun in a fragile situation.

Other than that, there really is no important difference between an honest idiot who will abuse you, and a witty troll who abuses you maliciously. In both cases, that other person is a douchebag, and better be avoided.

I want to thank all the good fellows over at the Freedomain Radio community, for inspiring me to write about these personal experiences. :=}

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life to Life

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This is me, in a prison world.
My hope is stolen,
yet is somewhere out there.
Look at me, in my cell.
Surrounded by all,
And nobody cares.
This is life, decreed by others.
I surrender my future,
To gain me another.
This is me, in my prison world.
How I can leave it,
And where I would go.

"Human Rights Ignored in Prisons Around the World." - GoodMenProject.com

Friday, August 1, 2014

Glimpse Into My Recording Studio

Here is a quick photo, just so you can see how my setup looks.

[Click the image for a larger display.]
I used screws and some cotton rope, to hold the echo-cancelling sheet around me, from the ceiling. For the echo-cancelling frills, I used a similar sheet, which I nailed into the shelf, and then used scissors to cut it into nice & accessible frills. :=D And finally, I shoved my netbook into the drawer, and sawed a hole for cables, so that I get some quiet, when recording.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Adult Toys Will Save The World

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Almost the entire human male population, also known as guys, have to deal with an overwhelming need for sex. Even though girls have their own libido, it is well established that guys are much more under the influence of their libido, on a daily & regular basis.

A tiny bit less explicit. *huehehe*
The sex industry is mostly composed of videos and toys. Videos for men, mostly, and toys for women, mostly. It is becoming a trend for girls to enjoy porn. However, it had yet to become a trend for guys to purchase and enjoy sex toys. More specifically, fleshlights and sleeves, not to mention lubes.

I have heard a lot of guys speak of sex toys, as if only a miserable guy who is unable to get girls would need them. Utter nonsense! Look at the comments section of any popular sex toy for guys, online! You can see many couples speaking up, about how the sex toys help relieve the guy, while the girl is too busy or unavailable, or how married couples find that sex toys, for the guy, improve their sex life.

Why should a girl using a dildo be sensible, but a guy using a sleeve be shameful? It should not!

The fact is that many guys hurry into sex with girls that they would rather avoid. Guys get girls pregnant, without proper planning, and find themselves weighed-down as unexpected fathers. This is no joking matter! No man should let his biological needs define his life, when he can handle those needs privately, and with the assistance of videos and toys.

Can you imagine marrying the wrong woman, because you found her attractive, and hurried into having sex with her? Can you even begin to imagine a woman manipulating you, because she knows how much her sexuality overwhelms your senses?!

Girls aren't sex toys, because they come with a lifelong price tag.

We say, "don't play with fire," but we should also say, "don't play with girls." Because playing with girls tends to end really, very, enormously badly!

So, play with toys. :-) Toys are for playing with!

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