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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Exploring Societies

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I had this idea that maybe, rather than a society organized over some ideology, nature designed us to function in societies that are based only on needs. Actual needs, like having a home and something to eat.

Apparently, this is a cool shirt print.

Ideologies change. That is the nature of ideas. They evolve, modify, and usually get better. We realize more, understand more thoroughly, and improve on our notions. [Generally speaking.]

But, needs stay the same. We always have the same five basic human needs: Shelter, Water, Food, People, and Freedom. Well, yeah, "freedom" can be contested, but either way I keep it listed. :=D

So, this would explain why all the communities that were ever based on an ideology, always found themselves quickly falling into turmoil, and splitting into conflicting sections. This easily explains the history of religions and philosophies.

However, this would also explain why it is that places that would have been expected to be extremely inhospitable, full of conflicting ideologies and strange peoples, all in one place, still exhibit the best of human societies!

America! Well, not everywhere in America, but this is definitely evident where the need for "freedom" had been safeguarded. In North America, especially in states like California, we see the most diverse and most advanced, liberal, and fascinating societies in the world!

Maybe societies should be planned for basic needs, rather than some higher ideological-political scheme, and then we would all be happier.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Revealing The Censor

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Anarchy in a community means that censorship is not an acceptable practice.

Copenhagen street art.

Censorship is the suppression of expression, using force. Usually, the censor is unidentified, and not answerable to those being censored.

This is dissimilar to the moderating of an activity. The role of a moderator is to limit the conversation visibly, according to the rules agreed on by the participants. And every action of the moderator is answerable to them!

The censor is, in principle, an authoritarian ruler, judge, and executioner, invulnerable to feedback.

Anarchy, in the context of community, can present itself in any number of possible social structures, but all of which will follow the same rule. All interactions are free. Not only voluntary, and definitely not coerced. But free!

Free, as in any person can, at any time, do what they wish, as long as they cause no physical harm or threat to another. No force can be inflicted on them. Even if agreement was previously made, such as a written contract, further disagreement, or nulling of contract, does not justify the use of force against them.

Those who betray trust, will simply not be trusted again - until forgiven, and that is the only moral strategy in a free society.

Even within private property, such as a house, where the owner can - if necessary - use force to remove people; those people are still free, and cannot be coerced or threatened, just for voluntarily entering the private property of another. It is immoral to abuse a guest.

To conclude, there is no place for censorship within any group, community, or organization. In order to moderate activities, methods of refereeing must be applied; while those who moderate are explicitly not above the same community standards.

It is only in this way that all community members are properly represented.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dream World, Mirror World

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"Yeah!!" Kevin yelled, excitedly.

"All right!" Ler shouted back, with the same enthusiasm.

I had to join in, so I yelled, "Woohoo!" And then each of us grabbed something heavy from the back seat, and marched towards the house. The three girls did the same, although without the added vocals.

We were heading to Linka's house party, bringing in drinks and munchies for everyone. I dropped my bag in the kitchen, and continued into the house. It was my first time here. There was already some noise, coming from a vague direction.

I found myself further away from the music, and noticed an open room. I peeked inside and then entered, looking around the room.

"Hey Linka," I said, and dropped on her large bed. She was busy with her make up, in front of a full-body mirror. She did not respond, immediately.

"How do I look?" She turned around, her flowing dress bouncing, and a face that was almost a painting stared at me.

"You look awesome," I said, and grinned, knowing that I had no eye for aesthetics. She frowned angrily, and then smiled as well.

"Thank you," she said, and moved to lie on the bed beside me, sighing loudly. She made the mattress bounce, so I lost my balance and dropped, now lying down, like her.

Looking at the ceiling, I got a strange feeling. As if I just woke up, after a long rest, only without the actual resting. Maybe I was getting too excited about the party. I quickly sat back up, leaning on my hands. Linka did the same.

"I feel sick," she said, and looked worried.

"You will be fine, Linka," I tried to calm her down. "It's a great party. I heard all the noise, on the way down here. People are already having fun. And you look great."

"Yeah," she answered, somewhat convinced. "Let's go up! We are already late," she said, and stood up, grabbed me by the arm, and pulled us out of her room.

We marched through the long hall, and climbed the stairs up.

"That's odd," she said, and kept climbing.

I was about to ask her what was so odd, when we reached the end of the spiraling stairs, and saw the next hall. Not a corridor. Not even small enough to be a room in her house. It was a vast space, full of stalls. Like a giant marketplace, with people shouting the prices of goods, and potential clients roaming and negotiating.

An unfamiliar place.

We both stared. There was no music. Just people speaking. None of whom we knew, I was certain.

"What..." Linka started, and I failed to answer. She grabbed my hand, and looked at me. "What is this?!" I saw the panic grabbing her. More than panic - amazement.

"I don't know," I answered. "Where are we?"

Linka pulled me on, and walked both of us through the stalls. She ignored the stalls, but I let my eyes wander, seeing so many different and new faces, and all sorts of snacks, fruit, and bizarre colorful items for sale.

"What is this place..." I wondered aloud.

"Come on, let's find the way out," Linka dragged me on, until we reached another staircase.

Unlike the former, this staircase was a square shape, and was open-walled, to let us see through to the odd bazaar, while we climbed up. We moved onwards, but there were not any floors, and the more we climbed, the more of the vast hall we could see. It was as large as a stadium, and then some.

Finally, a hallway appeared in front of us, and we entered it, slightly hesitating. I took the lead, not having anything else in sight, and started wandering about. Several rooms on the way were open, but they did not seem special or interesting. Just empty bedrooms.

"Look there," Linka pointed to an open room, at the end of the hall. "Those people just leave all their bedroom doors open, like that."

"Yeah," I said, wondering, and continued now only toward that room. It drew me to it, I could feel it now. "Look, this one looks different, right?" Linka peeked inside.

"It's my room!" She exclaimed, and hurried inside. "It's my room! Why is it here?!"

"Good question," I answered, and lingered at a large mirror that covered most of the wall ahead. I touched it. "I think this is it," I said.

"What?" Linka asked, as she sat on her bed.

"Can't you feel it?"

Linka rose up to approach the mirror. She stared at her reflection, and then turned to look at mine.

"I don't have such a large mirror in my room," she said.

I touched it, and I could feel it tremble under my fingers.

"Come on, let's go!" I grabbed her arm, and drove us into the mirror. As we passed, I could see the foreign market place, with all those people shopping. And then we dropped down, fast, into a darkness below.

We both sat up, on Linka's bed, at the same time.

"Did you just..." Linka started asking.

"Man," I whispered. "Don't ask me."

"Come on, we're going to be late to the party!" Linka hurried to get up, and hauled me up, by my hands. I let go of one hand, but she grabbed on to the other, holding it over her shoulder, and dragging me out of the room, and to her birthday party.

I was happy to know that Linka finally arrived safely to her eighteenth-birthday party. A party I never got to see.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Defeating Room Reverb (Echo)

So, I have shown my home "studio" before, a few times. With each step, things improve, sound better, and are more comfortable. But, even though I had good reverb reduction, I never quite managed to completely remove it.

Until now.

All folded up.
I ran some tests, and found that most of my reverb came from the top and sides, rather than from behind me. So, using bamboo poles connected to the top shelf, I hung thick extra blankets that I had.

Bamboo pole, hidden under blankets.

First, I drop the two side curtains.
I got the idea for using towels from guys online, who wrote about it. Large towels are more accessible for me, than large blankets. Saves me cash. Also, their thickness is undoubted! They mute jumping echoes!

I cut a slit into the side towel, so the microphone and arm-stand can go through it. It is kept closed with a simple clip.

Then, I just unfold the top towel, and I'm done!
I used the bottom part of the top towel, to close the top of my screen area, where I have another shelf. I have simple pillows behind the screen, to block echo from the front, which is critical.

Side view.

Inside view.

As you can see, it is a simple and effective solution. It is also very comfortable! And quick to fold and unfold; between ten to twenty seconds. I did have the bamboo poles bulge further than the desk, by about 10 centimeters, or 4 inches, so that I get good coverage.

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