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Saturday, April 12, 2014

From Alien Versus Creditor

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In the material recycling department of SciGen Incorporated, Cyril hid in a dumpster. The dumpster was very clean, other than the accumulating dust, and so the array of rejected pills seemed safe enough to eat.

There were pills of many colors and shapes, and Cyril enjoyed all of them. But, most of all, he enjoyed the small red and white pills that tasted like sugar, and were not chewy.

"Ferring soft pills," he murmured, and spat out an odd purple pill that was unfamiliar to him. "Ferring facilities and their inventions. Can't they just make more tasty pills?" He asked no one in particular.

"Who's there?" The voice of an older man echoed.

"Shit," Cyril whispered to himself, and tried to hide in a corner. The container opened from its' top lid, and the old hairless man stared directly at Cyril.

"What are you," the old man began, but Cyril was already jumping through the open container, and back to the dumpster hall. Without pause, he ran to the back door, from whence he came, and disappeared into the streets, where only the night, cats, and the occasional deployment vehicle roamed.

These were not real public streets, but the streets within the SciGen industrial compound. A vast maze of transportation routes, between warehouses and ever-rumbling factories. As he shifted from a jog to a regular walk, trusting the night to mask his presence, he heard a far away explosion, followed by shouts.

He could not make out the words, and the noises came from many places at once, but all from the same direction. The entrance, the front entrance, of the factory building he just escaped. He paused and tried to make sense of the scene. Some windows reflected strong lights, as if a fire was loose. Was it a machine accident?

Cyril decided to go back and check things out. Maybe, if he was lucky, he could learn something that SciGen did not want anybody else to know. Maybe, if he was lucky, he had something to gain, here.

Reaching the factory building, Cyril jumped in surprise, as a figure burst out of the top floor window, and crashed into the ground. Under the ambience of light projectors, Cyril could make out a dark haired man, in a white lab coat. He was not on fire, so why did he jump?

Cyril entered the building from the side door - another opening that he knew was unlocked, most nights. He heard noises. As if something was pounding against the walls, from the inside. As sirens began screaming, the boy knew that he had only a few minutes, before the entire platoon of guard patrol cars arrived. He was not planning on being caught by anyone. The consequences would be dire.

He approached further into the factory, and went to open another door, just as the safety mechanism kicked-in. The door locked, and heavy glass shielding began lowering, from the hollow above the door.

"What are you doing here, boy?" Cyril turned, and saw a man in uniform behind him, holding a pistol. "Come on, we have to get out of here, now! They are coming!"

Who is coming? Cyril wanted to ask, but the guard grabbed his arm, and pulled him away. Instead of going outside, as expected, the guard pulled him beyond another door. As it closed, it locked, and began lowering its' glass shielding. Cyril tensed, and felt himself sweating, with the realization that something terrible, quite more than he had imagined, was taking place.

"What is with all the explosions?" Cyril asked the guard.

"There was an accident with the test subjects. The pills killed them, and then turned them into something else," the guard hesitated. "Not human."

"Like, undead?" The boy asked.

"No," the guard stopped, and turned to look at Cyril. "Like monsters," he said, showing surprise on his face.

As they approached the other end of a storage chamber, the door behind them burst open. Through the locking mechanism and the glass shielding, which Cyril knew was much more than just simple glass. The guard started running, pulling on Cyril to speed up. Cyril had to look back, and see what it was that followed them.

It was a person in a white lab coat. Just a person. Cyril saw him jogging slowly towards them, as if nonchalantly escaping the terrors behind.

"That's odd," he said, and wondered how come bursting through the door seemed to draw no impact on the person's body. The face seemed calm, even emotionless, and there were no signs of torn clothing or blood.

"Over here," a woman guard shouted from above a short ladder. "Quickly, come up here," she said, gesturing them to hurry.

As they entered the upper chamber, the glass seal locked behind with a hiss of air pressure. Cyril looked back, and wondered what happened to that other person. He approached the seal, and looked through.

Somebody else was hurrying through a side door, into the storage chamber they had just escaped. He approached the strange lagger. Suddenly, the other jumped several meters into the air, landing on top of the newcomer, flattening him against the cement floor.

Cyril inched his eyes closer into the glassy seal, trying to make sense out of this bizarre scene. After a moment of lingering, the lab coated figure stood up, and turned to stare at the upper seal.

Cyril would have sworn, had anybody asked him, that the strange person now had a completely different face.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Narrating The Metal Monk

Download my narration of The Metal Monk by Matt Barton.

As time moves on, I find myself shifting towards recording & narration. Specifically, narration. I really enjoy telling a story! (And listening to my own sexy voice!)

Here's a short bit that I really like, which was great for me, as practice. Being a new narrator, with little experience, means that I need to find inspiration, and make an effort!

I hope you find it entertaining. :-)

The author of this one-paragraph wonder.
Click on him to visit his video-blog,
or click HERE for more one-paragraph shorts.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Violence As A Proper Method Of Social Development

Violence is popular. Everybody enjoys violence in different ways, to improve their lifestyle. From the passive-aggressive and scheming woman, to the brute and in-your-face man. Popular media is full of it! Violence is popular in games, TV, movies, and even in music, such as Rap.

Rap music is violent and successful. Rappers are rich. Filthy rich. And neither is there a politician who is not extremely violent, when it comes to facing the opposition, of those who disagree with his or her opinion. Not surprisingly, politicians are very rich, and comfortable, too.

We can also look into our conjoined histories, and see how violence had helped in creating a brilliant & safe modern world, for us today. From brave shining knights to royal and majestic kings and queens, humanity had endured hardship and disaster, only through the amazing power of violence. If it were not for those who rule by force, then quite obviously, there would be no defense against such grim odds.

"Whoa, where am I?
This must be a true adventure,
only for amazeballs knights!"
Even children love it. There is not a child out there who does not enjoy the occasional punch or kick. It is almost our first language. How else would such a small creature have its' say and stand for itself, but without the energetic force of violence.

We can only hope that it is that same violent tendency that shapes our next generation, into a fine line of mighty armed and strong willed young men and women. I see an amazing future for violence, in human culture and society!


And have a good April Fool's Day.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Solar Web

The Dzed nest in forests, but they hunt wherever there is prey. Their gigantic arachnoid form, while intimidating, is also very adaptable. Reports of adult Dzed swimming the oceans, started early on, after the invasion of the alien race to Earth.

A Dzed invasion?! Nah...
Just weather-changing balloons.
A recent record tells of a long-time hobby fisherman that fell into the water, while fishing in the ocean. "It was an accident," the man says, "but nothing that would scare a sealover, like me." It was, however, quite a surprise, when he realized that underneath the water, and attached to the bottom of his yacht, there lurked a giant Dzed.

The man was afraid that it might attack him, now that he fell into the water. When the Dzed moved to attack, he was certain that this was the end. When he felt nothing, but the movement of water around him, he opened his eyes again. To his astonishment, the Dzed had caught a shark. The shark, apparently, had been drawn to the swimming man, and thought it got lucky. "You can imagine its' surprise," the record goes on to say in the voice of the fisherman, "when it was snatched up by the spider!"

MikeAp shuts the record viewer off, and restores his normal vision. Tomorrow, he will be doing what had not been done before. He will be boarding a Dzedship. The irony was not lost on him. Hey, maybe he will get lucky, and the Dzed will just hunt-away any space monsters that came at him. Although, in all likelihood, the researchers insist, the Dzed will not be joining the trip.

They have reached the Dzed's nest, and are finally preparing to board. Well, board might be the wrong word. It feels like they are infiltrating the Dzed's privacy, really. Like some sort of insidious larvae, using its' host to find shelter, against the harsh environment. Two assistants start running the checks on MikeAp.

"Can you hear me?" One of the women asks.

"Yes," MikeAp answers.

"Can you feel this?" The other woman asks, as she jabs something against his suit.

"No," MikeAp answers, and both women nod approvingly.

MikeAp starts his approach, walking under the watchful eye of all space lovers. This first attempt at utilizing the remarkable balloon-shaped vessel of the Dzed is broadcast to the public. MikeAp doubts that more than a handful of hobbyists are actually watching the live feed.

Confronted by the giant woven ball, MikeAp shoves himself, slowly, into the sphere. The material is sticky, but it is not able to resist his invasion. He can already feel that sort of lightness that comes from being inside a magnetic field.

"I am alright," he reports over the voice.

"Roger that," he hears a barely audible response, through the loud static noise. The speaker is his counterpart and trusted engineer, KaliKi.

MikeAp bends down, spreads his arms wide, and jumps as hard as he can. The giant sphere responds, by increasing the tension of its' fabric, and thus begins a levitating motion upwards. MikeAp sits down, takes his helmet off, even though it is not advised to do so, and draws a salty snack from his side-pocket. As he slowly nibbles through the snack, MikeAp imagines the others looking at him. An unremarkable white ball, floating through the air.

"Biological space engineering, at its' best," he says aloud, after about half an hour. He lies back to enjoy the view, through the now transparent fibers of the vessel.

MikeAp is the first man to ever successfully reach space, using Dzed technology.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Really Really Like CrowdPricing

What is CrowdPricing? By Scribl:

Click on image, to view it in full size.
The practice of CrowdFunding eBooks is rather new, so I cannot really say that I know much about it. I do, however, feel very excited about the idea of it!

The idea of letting the readers influence, in a sophisticated way, the price of my eBooks is brilliant! A story is less appreciated? It can be enjoyed by the few and odd, for free. A story is popular and wide-spread? Let the masses give me their few cents, for the benefit of more such wonderful creations!

Do you think that this might catch and become the standard, in the future? Maybe even the future of all trade?

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